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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

I did actually ask the guy to lighten up , and his response was " i'm just trying to hold on'' . I continually shook my wrist several times in order to get him to loosen his grip and he would for a second but then he would go right back to strangling it. Only then , did i do the same to him.

I hate feeling this way. Im a person who gets along w/everybody. I'm the one in the family and out of my friends who is always trying to make peace if there is an argument. Now i feel like a person with bottled up hatred for people, and that is not me at all. I just want to cry.

Aikido to me used to be a place where, after school i could go to the dojo and after practice, be relieved of all my stress. Not anymore. Now i go and i come out w/more stress then i started with. These kinds of things have been going on for a while not just one night.

And my sensei is such a great person. Unfortunately all of these things usually happen behind his back. I hate it. I probably should try talking to him, but im afraid it would come off as complaining.

I dont know what to do.
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