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Re: BS in fellow aikidoka

I've had this problem a couple times with the overzealous uke. Here was my solution. Breath in, turn ki on, relax, close your eyes, do your technique as if uke was not even there, but add a good forceful kiai at the end. After a couple hard falls from you calling his bluff he will probably go back to normal. By grabbing your wrist tightly he is imposing that he is stronger. Our techniques dont give a darn if he is a 400 lbs. line man from the NFL, relax, guide, move in a circle and do the tech like he is not there and he will still go. if he tries to stop the technique then go the opposite directon in the way he is pulling and dump him. He has missed the point of both the art and of being a good uke and deserves to be made uke for a bit for enlightenment.
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