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Well , tonight i had a bad practice at the dojo.

Theres this dumb a** that thinks hes the fighting king of the universe , and hes never done any martial art other than aikido and hes only been in it about a year.

But anyway tonight we were partnered up for a short time. We were doing kokyu nage. Every time he was uke, he would grab my wrist so tight that i couldnt even begin to do the technique. So, finally i threw his wrist off of mine and asked sensei to come over and watch us. Surprisingly he still strangled my wrist. So i continued to do the technique (the best i could) and then when sensei put in his criticism , i got all the blame!

So from then on , i grabbed HIS wrist as tight as i could. And then he looked me in the eye and said to me, in a low whisper, with a wicked grin on his face (exact words) "You know when you grab my wrist so tight .. that stuff doesnt work with me , because i'm stronger than you"

I felt like kicking him right in his balls. Strength really doesnt matter when you've trained in multiple martial arts for your entire life. I could've put him on teh floor in tears, but of course i didnt want to make a scene. What puzzled me was that no matter what uke is doing , it seems like nage gets all the blame. I was just trying to learn the technique better , i wasnt trying to compete with him or put up with him squeezing my wrist so hard.

I thought aikido was about cooperation and learning and peace. Its guys like this that make me want to walk out of the dojo and never turn back. I never did one thing to him.

Im sorry i rambled on , i just really needed to get this off my chest. Please post with your thoughts on this or similar stories.

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