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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

Thanks for the response Mike. You are right, trying to do any training at Silverton's 9,000 feet elevation would NOT be good for those of us use to lower elevations. I was last back 4 years ago and just walking down the street was tough. If you go to the other end of town from the road to Durango the old log house (now a church) was the one I grew up in, many many many years ago.

From my view on the styles, philosophies can be different and techniques can be different but the human body is the human body and while each art may approach internal strength from a different place, in the end the physics of how it works is still the same.

On YiQuan, I am a beginner, been doing standing for a year or more but have only been training with Fong Ha for a few months, so I am only an egg so to speak. I do feel it a bit in my Aikido and am really please to feel that. My personal struggle is that I spent 20 years as a power lifter and while my 10 years of Aikido has cured me most of the time from using my blocky strength sometime I revert. The standing really help here though, makes me much more aware of the power of the alternative.

Oh and Craig, thanks for the response as well.

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