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Mike Sigman
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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

Craig Hocker wrote:
I certainly have no problem with a workshop except it probably would be more time efficient and economical for me anyway to check out his instruction videos if they are still available.
Except those tapes are 10 years old and at the time I avoided any discussion of breathing exercises due to fears about potential blood pressure problems (the too-exuberant do it all the time in China) and getting sued for putting it on a tape. Besides, there were things those tapes deliberately didn't cover. The main things I did cover turned out not to transmit very well via video... and since I only put out those tapes to disseminate some initial information, I pulled them, except for some I allowed Plum Flower Press to sell. In other words, what I was planning on covering in this workshop would be well beyond the scope of those old tapes.


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