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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

if you google the keywords

" Mike Sigman Chi "

together, it's not hard to find some info.

for example

I certainly have no problem with a workshop except it probably would be more time efficient and economical for me anyway to check out his instruction videos if they are still available.
after reading Mke's post above...
assuming Mike updates them with what ever he has learned here.

I realize interacting at a workshop is better, there should be a lot of people in Colorado interested. Many just aren't on this list. There are four Ki Society dojos in the Denver area.
The people at CSU-Ft. Collins and Boulder Ki Aikido definitely would be open to it I think. But to the best of my knowledge none of them spend time on this BB so if you want me to chat with them, I am willing. Kevin's recommendation is good enough for me.

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