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Re: Tight Testing Criteria?

Justin Gaar wrote:
As it's probably obvious, i practice Nihon Goshin Aikido. White belts have 10 techniques to learn before meeting the criteria for testing. As do go-kyu, yon-kyu, san-kyu, ni-kyu... and on. But I am having trouble with a few of the techniques. When I start and put the technique "on", it's all fine and i more or less do it correctly. That is to say that the correct pressure is put on the correct places. But this one technique i learned this morning, the leg-sweep, I have no idea what it's nihonjin name is. Ya'll all refer to the techniques in their japanese terminology. But at this dojo the book and sensei refers to them in english. Anyway. I'm supposed to move in a...well i guess you could call it a hanmi stance, then into a front stance. But when i switch from hanmi to front stance, my footing is all different kinds of wrong. I could easily be pushed over. It's like a reflex in between stances, my foot goes all weird. Would they just brush you off in testing or take notice of it?
If you could clarify what your stances are I(or rather "we" at aikiweb) could help you more. What rank do you start at in this dojo?

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