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Mike Sigman
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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

I'll work up a syllabus, although I have a few general things in mind:

*How to form relaxed but powerful kokyu strength
*Using this form of strength in movement and shifting all movement to "from the dantien"
*Using this form of strength in selected applications, "ki tests", ukemi, joint locks, and pins, and hitting.
*Starting to develop ki: how to do it, some practices, relevant qigongs and how they actually work, etc.
In response to a PM, I guess I forgot and left standing exercises off of the above general list. Yes, I'll cover both standing for health and standing for martial power. In terms of useable benefits, I think standing is probably the most beneficial thing anyone can do, particularly if you're beginning to lose your health and strength.... you'll get strong again if you do it correctly.


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