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Hi Thomas!

Very interesting post. It puts a lot in a new perspective for me. For example it explains why Nishio Sensei whenever he visits Denmark allways takes time to give a lengthy lecture about what should be the reason for us practicing Aikido, and what should be in our heart as Aikido-ka's. Some of the things he say seems to be very important for him to get across, though to a lot of us it is things we have heard or read before.
I can't help wondering what 'style' of Aikido you teach and where your main inspiration comes from ?
How do your own students respond to the issues you mention such as Ki, breathing, morals etc ?
What do you think is the future for Aikido (and other Budo) in Japan. Will it continue to water down and become 'budoless' acrobatics or will there develop a new line of budo-ka with the right mind-set ?
On a totally other subject I would like to know if your family has any roots in Scandinavia since your lastname very much suggest it.

Happy trails

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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