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Mike Sigman
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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

Kevin Jones wrote:
Mike should be encouraged to continue to offer to freely give up his time and hard work for our benefit where ever possible, so let's avoid making him think twice
Well, thanks, Kevin. I didn't mean for anyone to come out of lurk for this. Besides, I have to note that while engaging in these discussions on AikiWeb, following up suggested leads from good Aikidoists, etc., I've learned things myself, so I feel the trade-off is worth it. Stirring up discussions can lead to bickering and unproductive discussions, but all too often it turns up very useful nuggets if you just stay with it long enough and keep asking the right questions, IMO. In other words, I have to say that these discussions aren't really all that one-sided. I've learned a few very valuable things in just a couple of months that have affected my personal training (by focusing it, etc.).


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