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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

If it means anything to anyone (and there are probably some people here who know me and my background well enough to give some credence to what I say):

I've known Mike for more than 10 years, since the early days on rec.martial-arts. I've spent a few weekends and many, many emails and discussions learning from his understanding of "Ki & Kokyu".

In my opinion, he is very genuine and knowledgeable. I don't know of any one else, in this space, who can get so much information across in a short space of time - and if you look at my background and the people I've studied with you'll see that this is saying a lot.

I intend to be at this workshop if I can possibly make it happen. While Mike doesn't need any one to defend him , I thought I'd say this to avoid this potentially interesting topic degenerating into erroneous suspicion of "trollism".

Mike should be encouraged to continue to offer to freely give up his time and hard work for our benefit where ever possible, so let's avoid making him think twice

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