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Mike Sigman
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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Lots of aikido folks in CO. Seems like a few of them would be willing to get with you and do a "mini seminar" or something where there is not a lot of risk in expenses, investment etc.

Certainly a few of them might be pro and a few might be con, because we all know what a dicey subject KI can be! It is largely experiencial (sp?) as you point out so what works for some might now work of all!
The real problem here is time. I once did a very short (one hour? 90 minutes? I forget) quick workshop at the Boulder Aikikai and I was not happy... trying to say something meaningful in a very short time is almost impossible. Although I did get across some static kokyu usages, IIRC. It takes a couple of days of work and repetition to get any good results and get into some of the subtleties. Insofar as results go, I don't think there's any real problem with that... everyone gets some pretty functional results.
That said, some reputable individuals that are honest should be willing to get with you and then come back and say..."wow, good stuff!" This guy is the shizzle!
Or he gets the chance to say "this stuff is garbage." But I've never had anyone even remotely say that. For the most part, I try to stay very impersonal so that I don't get involved in any of the well-known spates of martial-arts personality quirks that arise so easily. It's all in the results, not the talk, not the uniform, not the lingo, not the color of the belt. As a matter of fact, statistically the younger and less "experienced" people often have an advantage because they don't have so many fixed bodily and mental preconceptions.


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