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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

Peter Rehse wrote:
Well it was a friendly suggestion.
OK, fair enough. Your wording was a little blunt.

My "credentials" are pretty good, but I've got too many years of listening to and reading overblown "credentials" from people who can't do much to think much of most credentials conversations. As I said on another thread, the real problem in most martial arts is not the guys claiming rank, etc., that they don't have; the real problem is guys who distort slight experiences, a workshop or two, a trip to Japan, etc., into grandiose accomplishments... yet technically all they can be accused of is hyperbole. A good part of my reluctance to engage with many "teachers" is because of the rampant baloney in the credentials and resume of so many martial artists... I'm not sure I want to be friendly with someone and have it turn out that they're mainly a BS artist, so I take my time in getting to know people.

So there's a valid need and point in asking for someone's credentials if they're claiming to teach a martial art, but if I'm really curious about someone I start asking through the grapevine what they can really do. It's a good discussion and I don't fault anyone for bringing it up, even though it's not guaranteed to shed a lot of light in the case of ki and kokyu.



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