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Mike Sigman
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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

Peter Rehse wrote:
So keep it simple and add a disclaimer.
Is that a command or a suggestion?
Even the interview a google search threw out does not say very much.

A list of recent seminars wouldn't hurt.

Cagey responses, even if your reasons have merit, are too easily associated with a few members of a certain type that have plagued the forums lately.
I couldn't care less about "a few members of a certain type" and the perception that I need to be called "cagey" by anyone. Don asked a polite question; I gave some information and said I would answer other things privately, for reasons I gave.

There are some people on this forum who have met me; if you're curious, ask around. That puts me well outside of the implied "a few members of a certain type that have plagued the forums lately", I think. If you're in Japan, I sort of doubt that you're coming to the workshop, though.

There are the names of people who have been at workshops on a number of those hits... email them or call them. Try the Palo Alto workshop I gave earlier this year... it's on the first page of hits. If I was soliciting for workshops that I was charging for, etc., I'd feel duty-bound to lay out a good CV, but at the moment, all I've done is offer to give up my time and some pretty valuable information if some people will simply pay my expenses.... i.e., my time and the information are worth a lot more than anyone would come close to paying.

What you're thinking of as "cagey" really is more the way I handle questions about teaching people ki and kokyu type skills when I can't point my finger at someone and say "I studied how to do ki and kokyu things from this man". I didn't. I've had to accumulate my knowledge and demonstrable skills over many years, piecemeal, from various teachers and every source I could lay my hands on. So the logical part of me resists the idea that I should imply that "so-and-so directly and deliberately taught me how to do these things". It doesn't compute.

And BTW, this is the first time I've ever offered to do this... other than that I've only done workshops at the invitation of others and if I am interested in doing them. Even offering to do it, I'm fairly ambivalent... if you think about it, other than having disseminated some fairly sophisticated skills into a small portion of the Aikido community, I get nothing personal out of the workshop except the loss of a weekend of my life.

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