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Re: Uchi Deshi advice


Just go for it. I'm given to understand from the words and examples of my teachers that part of progress in Aikido is "cheating". Chiba Sensei had no six-month lead-in period: he simply sat outisde for three days until they took him in, showed him to O-Sensei's office, and he walked out an uchideshi. The worst that can happen is that you will be told that you're not ready yet. If you want this, try to get it; don't fail to ask just because you think the answer might be "no".


It's not surprising that you've not heard of it. Very few dojos have uchideshi/kenshusei programmes. They tend to be regional headquarters with shihans in residence, or self-sustaining self-contained communities like the dozen or so farm-dojos affiliated to USAF-WR across Mexico, the US and Canada.

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