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Uchi Deshi advice

Hello all,

I am new to Aikido, having started in March, and I was hoping that I could get some advice from those with more experience. One of the instructors recently mentioned at the end of class that the uchi deshi program at our dojo was open, if anyone was thinking of applying. The idea appealed to me both as a way to advance my aikido and get more involved in my dojo. However, as I mentioned I have just started (I'm going 3-4 times a week), and I would not qualify until I am a member of the dojo for six months. I haven't seen sensei since then to speak to him about it, but I am nervous that as a beginner, I will appear a bit cheeky for asking! Is it done for such a new student to become uchi deshi?

I think I understand the rigors involved in being a uchi deshi, and lived in a convent for about 8 months as a kid, so I have experience with the limiting-social-contact-and-being-away-for-all-of-your-belongings aspect of the experience. I am also fairly athletic and in good shape physically, so I think I could handle the intensive training involved.

I will be grateful for any advice!
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