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Re: Dojo Names

Yeah, I just saw that Parker Sensei is your teacher. Sorry about the mixup. Parker Sensei's been to our dojo before, but unfortuanatley I wasn't there to see him. Although I think it was a while ago, so I might of not been training then.
Unfortunatley I wan't able to go to Japan with everyone else. I was uchideshi at the Chudokan at that time and Blok Sensei wanted me to stay back and prepare for my shodan exam. I don't think that they got very much training in...something like 5 days worth out of the 16 or so days they were there. But I, along with some of the senior students who didn't get to go, plan on going to the 2007 Kamakura festival.
Maybe we'll see you there!

P.S. Everyone at the dojo that trained with Parker Sensei give him their best regards and wish him and the dojo well. Everyone from Japan says "hello" also.

Ichi Go, Ichi Ei!
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