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Re: Dojo Names

Hai, I believe Shioda Soke gave the Chudokan Dojo it's name...although I'm not 100%. Blok Sensei however, gives all the names for our federation. He asks the dojo cho a series of questions as well, pertaining to different things and varying on the teacher. Sometimes there are running themes for each region as well (ie Shinsuikan, Shingankan, Kaishinkan, Shinwakan for the region I'm in).
It's good to hear that Terada Sensei is your teacher...we all love him here...many of us have trained with him, and there are many of us looking forward to returning to the Kamakura festival in May 2007.
To make comment on what others have mentioned:
For advertising sake, we also use non-Japanese names for our dojo's. For example, the Chudokan Dojo is listed as Aikido Canada in ads and such. It is also what we answer the phone with. Chudokan just doesn't come across too clearly with people new to the marital arts, or news people, charity people etc. Just simply 'what are we? Aikido. Where are we? Canada' Although we aren't trying to monopolize all Aikido in Canada, we just wanted a straightforward, easy to remember, name.

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