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Re: Dojo Names

Adam Huss wrote:
How does everyone get/give their dojo names? If you are a dojo cho, how did you get your name? If you are the cheif instructor of your organization, how do you determine what your student's dojo names are? My teacher used to ask each dojo cho for a list of the ten most important things to him/her and would determine the name from there. But latley I've heard him asking the prospective dojo cho questions like "What is it that you most want your students to get out of training? What is the most important part of your training? How do you want your students to view what is important to them in their art?" etc.etc.

Just curious as to what other people do.
Historically within the Yoshinkan, Gozo Shioda Kancho named the IYAF dojos. Since his passing, Inoue Kancho and Chida Dojocho have provided the dojo names. I believe Ando Shihan may have named one or two.

As for me and several others, our dojo's were named by Terada Kiyoyuki Hanshi, Yoshinkan Aikido's most senior instructor and chief technical advisor.

When I requested the name, he asked me several questions about myself, my first and current teachers, area, family, etc.

Not sure who named all the Chudokan dojo's. I'm speculating they already had them or Mr. Blok provided them. You'd have to ask him or your teacher.

Of course, I may be completely wrong about all this, but that is how I understood it.

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