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Ian Thake
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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote:
So, some questions are: .... are there any results someone can expect from suburi swinging and will X achieve those results just swinging the bokken in a way that looks like Saito's swing?
Would it be reasonable to assume that our hypothetical master swordsman isn't just swinging his bokken, he's cutting with it instead? It's not just a physical action as there's also an intention associated with it. For the swordsman the act is about downing a foe, not about moving a stick, and this is an element this will be missing from X's practise of swinging the bokken.

(Baking a cake, on the other hand is about, well, baking a cake. Bake a given receipe a thousand times and I don't think anyone would argue that you wouldn't be really good at baking that cake).

So does it make a difference to the example if X starts off knowing what all the bokken swinging is about? If X knows what he's trying to achieve, what the practise is about, and knows what success looks like - the physical appearance of Saito's swing - I'd say the practise isn't going to be necessarily empty.
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