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Re: Weapons training leads to good aikido.

Where you sit is where you stand. Those who have done lots of weapons training will always advocate it, those who do not, won't. As for me, I stand with Szczepan on this one. Only David V, who uses weapons, agrees that they may not not always necessary -- meaning, he has a balanced opinion. Also, if you check out his movies, you will see that his weapons work is very good. But I'll debate him on one point

David V: Do practitioners of the oar or the various "farming" utensils of other arts need to get in a boat and row or get in the field and do some farming before they understand these weapons and/or garner the benefits of training in them? I say, no.
I say, it would help. A ferryman who rows his boat across the river everyday will know his oar very well indeed and would probably make quite a formidable opponent - with an oar - with little or no martial training at all. Also, here in Korea, I often see teams of women cutting grass all day long with their sickles. All day long. Who has more skill / who would you rather face? - A Karateka who knows a sickle kata (kama), or one of these women? It is not necessary to know how to row a boat to fight with an oar, or cut grass with a sickle, but it could help And imagine hundreds of years when fighting erupted in the countryside - people would take up tools (weapons) they were 'familiar' with.

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