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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

I went back and pulled the original question. Here it is from Sonny:

just asking u guys, how can u defend yourself if your in a full mount of a jiu-jitsu expert? or what if he grabs u by the legs & try to put u down?
the premise of his situation is 1. Full mount 2. He grabs you and trys to pull you down.

Full mount already assumes you are on the ground, so no amount of "side stepping" will solve this.

I will assume a "grab and try and pull you down" is some sort of clinch or modified clinch. Sure you can side step. O Soto Gari comes to mind. (Am I making the wrong assumption?)

Your presentation is "don't let him grab you at all" if I understand it correctly, not a good solution for this particular problem once he already has control of your center, or close to it.

I do agree that proper posture and movement and foot work can prevent this from happening, however it still does happen and we need good solutions to recover from it.

I respectfully disagree with your solution set to Sonny's question.
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