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Mike Sigman
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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Gene Martinelli wrote:
I have a couple of observations/opinions (not sure they fit into theories) regarding the number of guitarists/musicians and also the number of visual artists and dancers. All three music, art, and dance have to, like martial arts, blend visual learning with kinesthetic learning and therefore have already been developing &/or are comfortable in learning in a martial arts environment. NAGE and UKE show the technique in motion, we watch and then we try to do. Same is true for musicians, artists to a degree-they take something and put to a medium or the "spirit" of something and put it to a medium, and dancers learn dance in exactly the same way as martial arts learn martial arts. But, more importantly are those who create in their other arts. Because the void that the music I write seems to come from and flow through me seems the same as that which flows through you in Aikido, Taiji, etc. -again this is just my own view, and who knows if I'm looking at the majestic panoramic view from along the mountain path I'm walking or if I'm looking at the mountain. Or perhaps I'm staring down as I walk at the dirt and my feet on the path thinking same up here as down there.
Well, I take your meaning, but the essence, in my opinion, is the "different way of moving", involving several interrelated things, that I see as paramount... and it's the heart of that movement combined with another person that I see as the core "Aiki". In other words, I agree with what you're saying, but I'm interjecting something else in front of the line.

I played guitar for many years, including classical guitar, although I haven't done much for a number of years. But that's why it catches my attention about the number of guitar players who use guitar-playing as an analogy when talking about Aikido, Taiji, etc.


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