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Yoshinkan Aikido DVDs by Joe Thambu Sensei

Posted 2005-07-04 20:00:00 by P Chapman
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Produced by Joe Thambu Sensei (IYAF 6th Dan), these 3 newly produced DVD titles are a fantastic reference for any student of Aikido. The first title, Aikido: Foundations will help you solidify your understanding of basics through the Yoshinkan kihon dosa (basic movements) and dai ichi kihon waza (first level basic techniques). The second title, Aikido: Practice & Purpose is very effective in helping you extend your basic techniques to dojo variations and real life applications. The third title, Restraint & Removal: The Aiki Concept covers easy to learn and very effective techniques for solo or paired control, arresting and removal techniques. Described by as "amazingly high quality" these DVDs can even be previewed online at here.

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