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Re: Training against Violent Assault

biting ears and eye gouging does pretty much one thing to an assailant that is attacking you hopped up on adrenalin and/or alcohol/ pissing him off further.

If someone is close enough to you to control your abilitiy to escape and defend yourself, then you need to practice how to get back into a position of control. That we can practice in the dojo.

However, even though we can practice it, the chances of success for one that is attacked are still pretty small, i believe.

The assailant is probably not stupid. He has chosen his "target" based on a variety of factors, mainly he will 1. be better armed (or at least believe he is). 2. he will pick a "controlled" location 3. he will typically outweigh the opponent/or outnumber with buddies. 4. He has a predetermined goal in mind, like robbery or rape. 5. He believes he will win and is probably right.

The statistics of succes are on his side. So, the best thing you can do is to reduce these risk factors. Reducing them does not involve empty hand martial skill. Simply having a buddy and staying in well lit/well travelled areas is the least expensive way to tilt the scales in your favor.

practicing eye gouging, eye biting, groin kicking, and foot smashes is a waste of time IMHO unless you are using it as a distractor to regain your control...and it does not require any practice at all really since we all possess the ability already.
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