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Re: Weapons training leads to good aikido.

Cromwell Salvatera wrote:
Takeda, Osensei, and Saito Sensei were all great swash bucklers. Doesn't that say something about their aiki.
Its pretty much an aside but there really only is one story of Takeda S. using his sword īn real life" and neither of the above three gentleman were particularily known for their sword skills (outside of AIkido). In fact there is quite a bit of critism outside of Aikido of both Ueshiba M. and Saito vis a vis their knowledge of the sword as sword.

Aiki is originally a kenjutus term but really, at least in my opinion, that's as far as it goes.

Although I will say that the curriculum and its emphasis on weapons the elder Saito developed seems to serve the Iwama stylists quite well - I don't think it is the only path to good Aikido.

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