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Re: Stuart has a point definately!

Originally posted by Paul van Leeuwe
I am a ju jitsu practitioner, and I do taekwondo just for fun and because only two lessons in ju jitsu are offered a week, and sporting just twice I don't consider enough, as I want to lose some weight. Just some words about my background.

I think aikido is in the least too complex for all but very well-trained aikidokas to use against a well-trained fighter.

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One day I will visit aikido lessons, just to see what it is. I will also visit kung fu. I wonder if ju jitsu is the ultimate art for me, but I think it is. It's not as limited as taekwondo is, but allows almost everything.

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OK, I was respecting some of the points made in the above post right up until that last little paragraph. Why is it that the most vocal detractors of Aikido on this forum never seem to actually DO Aikido (not counting you, Jim23 )?

Personally, I have been doing Aikido for about 7 months now. I would probably (read: absolutely) get my butt kicked in a "real fight". I am probably one of those "sloppy" people. But I'm getting better.

It's MY path. If you don't like it, find your own. But please, don't walk next to me and complain!

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