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I guess we could talk about The Force "as a creative and active nature,… a dynamic aspect of infinite life, of potencies in which the process of … creative and world-maintaining activities are realized…the undifferentiated unity, the self-contained Root of Roots in which all contradictions merge and dissolve…primarily active and creative force…charged with and emanating energy." Through this, through the ten words of Creation, everything was created. OK then, except this is not Ki, and the words of Creation are logoi, not kotodama, and this is not Oriental mysticism, but Jewish (Ein-Sof and the Sefiroth). I'm just saying that calling a belief like this 'The Force' tends to denigrate it in people's minds, reduce it to a movie plot, which it is not. This is not to pick on Jewish beliefs, but the example was given since the person I was replying to had mentioned a strong Jewish faith. There are similiar beliefs across all religions.
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