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Mike Sigman
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Re: Possible Ki & Kokyu Workshop

Mark Mueller wrote:
I would be very interested.
Hi Mark:

I'll put your name on the list; I already have your PM. A few others have pm'ed, so we'll see how it goes. Any public suggestions, thoughts, etc., are welcomed about content, etc.

I've had a few people privately suggest things like "fa jin" and I should clarify that right now, BTW. I want to cover things that are (1.) in the syllabus of Aikido as done by recongnized "big dogs" and (2.) things that can be effectively accomplished within a 2-day workshop. I don't mind discussing power releases briefly, during a break, whatever, but a lot of the "powers" are really the manipulation of conditioned basic skills and it's more important to spend time on the skills, which we can really only do a moderate overview of in 2 days, given the number of interrelated topics. Primarily, though, "fa jin" in the full sense is not something I've ever seen in Aikido, so I don't think it's something we should worry about.

One thing that I might mention is that within the last couple of days I was able to ask someone knowledgeable if he agreed with me that O-Sensei's and Shioda's talk about power coming from the big toe was probably a variant of something I usually hear mentioned with a different terminology (a common problem... different names for the same basic concept) and he told me that some people actually do use the "big toe" reference. That being the case, we can cover that part in the workshop, as well. The idea of O-Sensei doing "standing" exercises is clenched on enough fronts now that it's not really much of a discussion.


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