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Re: Weapons training leads to good aikido.

Michael Stuempel wrote:
Training with intent and focus can be done without a weapon in hand. If you cannot train that way maybe you should train harder and not use weapons as a crutch (oops...did I say that? LOL).

Who can really argue with that?!

However, I still feel my first offering of learning how to sense the Ki of an encounter is very much cultivated through paired weapons practice in a way that Body Art simply can never duplicate. I seem to remember that, though truthfully I cannot now tell you to what degree, this is elaborated upon in a book by Kenji Tokitsu. The book is titled, "Ki and the Way of the Martial Arts." Please forgive me if the book doesn't exactly touch this topic as much as I am suggesting here - it's been a while since I read it. However, it is a good read and I do know that it does touch on the reasons for practicing with weapons. I highly recommend it. For more information, if one desires, we have several articles on weapons work and their rationale (as we see it) at our web site.

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