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Re: techniquies in street fights

I guess it depends on the manifestations of the DO that one experiences then.

Imho the only difference lies in what the primary focus is placed upon as indicated above. However imho there is no reason why one who practices the Do cannot embody the degree of applied technical knowledge (or more) that is existent in the Jutsu while still cultivating the inner aspects. Development in one does not mean that there cannot be development in the other. In fact I'd hazard to say that if one is not seeking to understand the Jutsu then the Do is sadly lacking in something that is pivotal to one's developoment in it. Maybe this is why some methods of Aikido are failing as both Do and Jutsu.

As far as "street fighting" or "realistic" training is concerned, no MA addresses that fully imho, whether Jutsu or not. Certainly the emphasis may be there, but there are many many aspects of "reality" that are never addressed in the dojo of any partiicular style of Martial Art. It may create a good fighter, but that is only one small part of "reality" training imho.

Just some thoughts.

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