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Re: Training against Violent Assault

Dustin Acuff wrote:
I actually have the luxury/blessing of having a sensei who does teach for this outcome as much as possible.

The biggest thing that a suprise attack causes is fear. If you are attacked in a way that you have never concidered an attack you may be rendered helpless because you have no response. The solution is make a conditioned response. Train everywhere! Train for someone kicking open your bathroom stall and pointing a gun in your face. Train for someone walking up to you and trying to put a knife in your back. Train blindfolded. Train until you can do everything quickly and efficiently without tensing up. This is the only way you can really prepare.

You cannot defend against a suprise/unprovked attack intended to kill you. If someone walks up behind you and slits your throat, it is a matter of seconds until you fall unconcious, and your response MUST be to try to stop the bleeding. You cannot do anything about someone randomly killing you, but you can do something about someone hitting you from behind.

Train for everything you can think of. There are no absolutes but training might help you live through this kind of eventuality. A friend of mine, a cage-fighter, once said "the more you sweat on the mat the less you bleed in the cage". I think that applies quite well to ANY form of MA training.
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