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Re: Training against Violent Assault

James Matarrese wrote:
So does that mean I have to go walking around in tsuki kumai everywhere I go?
That reminds me of the time I was watching some Aikidoka practicing. I can't remember what technique they were doing but what sticks in my mind is that they were all desperate to keep both feet perminently flat on the floor. This led to the amusing sight of them all dragging their locked rear leg about as they were entering in. Very gestapo.

In answer to the question though. No. I don't think Musashi meant we should all wander about in a fighting stance. For one thing it'd give away your particular stratagy (aka martial art) almost immediately. To me fighting stance is a mental state as well as a physical thing, so I interpret it as keeping the same frame of mind as you would like in combat i.e. a relaxed, detached, alert, mental state where you accept what is happening and do not wish it to be any other way so that you can immediately react to what's happening around you and will not be shocked by a surprise attack and wont waste vital seconds making sure you're under attack before reacting.
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