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well, I was going to post at the christianity thred but then I found this last night and then my computer freaked and crashed. serouisly.. listen up kickboxing man. I cant spell so your gonna have to bare with me ( is that the right bare?? or do you spell it differently??) anyhow.. if you live in a big city and you still go to school ask some of your friends if they take aikido and ask what they think of the art. or you could go to co-workers and ask them and maybe you could ask them to demonstrate a lock of some kind or you could go to a dojo and be in class ( you might be able to go as far as asking if you could be thrown by the sensi.) the point is our words dont tell a binky what aikido is like nor what kickboxing is like. i have seen kick boxing in mags and tv and to me it dosnt look appeling but hey that is just me we all are different .

so,. would that be mumbo jumbo or i am just waging my tail to much!

Dallas Adolphsen