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Re: Nice Video about Yoseikan

The traditional Yoseikan skills are much closer to aikijutsu or even daito ryu than you see these days in aiki styles. I would inform all concerned however, that Hiroo Mochizuki was a direct student of Ueshiba Sensei in the mid 1950's and has rank and is an excellent aikido practitioner in his own write
Hey Phil,

I agree with you that the traditional Yoseikan skills are much more of a so called harder "style" than that of the Aiki. I wanted to query something though, is Hiroo Mochizuki the son of Minoru Mochizuki? I thought he was but in your reply you said that Hiroo was a direct student of O'Sensei. I didn't realize that Hiroo trained directly from O'Sensei. I thought his father Minoru had trained him in the art of Aikido?

Thanks in advance

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