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Patrik Eng
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I wonder: do you guys think that aikido is the best self-defense art (it will leave you with the fewest injuries if somebody attacks you and you can't avoid it) IF trained well enough in? Nobody feels the lacks of punches and kicks Stuart brawls about? You all think it's not an art which works in theory but not in practice (like taekwondo, karate and in many caes kung fu)?

I do not think that Aikido is the best self-defense art. Many techniques are very complex, but on the other hand, why not use the simple techniques you know and are good at? Aikido is, however, a superb art when it comes to "shaping the mind" and giving you a good attitude. This is very important, as it is common for people with low selfesteem, or too much of the same for that matter, to get into trouble.

I do not feel the lack of punches and kicks. Aikido isn't about beating up people (selfdefense or not), if used for selfdefense the goal is NOT to injure the attacker. How do you kick/punch someone hard enogh so that he doesn't keep coming, and yet soft enough so that he doesn't sustain injury?

Aikido works both in theory and in practise, it is, however, harder to make it work than others martial arts.

The good thing about Aikido is that if you're good enough to acctually use Aikido for selfdefence, you may defeat an attacker without having to injure him. The bad thing is that it takes time to get good enough.

At my current ability, I'd probably use my Taekwon-do techniques if I ended up in a selfdefense situation. I would however prefer to be better at Aikido, since I don't want people to get hurt (me or them) if a situation ever should happen.

Are there any other martial art that teaches techniques to defeat an attacker without having to injure them? Don't tell me Krav Maga, since they give the ol' groin what it can take, and them some...

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