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Re: techniquies in street fights

Can we train more realistically. yes there are ways to do that, but even they are done in a controlled matter. However, I believe when you enter this realm, you will find that you are doing something other than aikido and are missing the point of why aikido (a DO or WAY Art) was created.
Of course it depends on how one tries too define Do or Jutsu. I don't think the 2 can be easily or rigidly separated (or should be). Imho there is no reason why the Do of any art can't or shouldn't embody the precise science and technical understanding of the Jutsu. The thread linked to here - -addresses this question. I don't believe the Do can be removed from the Jutsu without either element negatively affecting the progress of the other. As such, practicing a Do art should in no way hinder one's evolution in understanding the practical, utilitarian and technical scientific aspects that also make up the Do, which includes practical self defence training. Of course if SD is one's ONLY goal, then there are faster and better ways to achieve this, but one should not assume that this sort of training is neglected simply because the name of the art ends in "Do".

Just my thoughts.

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