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Re: Weapons training leads to good aikido.

Jorge Garcia wrote:
Apart from everything already mentioned, our weapons system emphasizes heavily the proper foot and body movement and martial distance as well. It teaches how to employ the hips, how to move in and out, and the correct form of the techniques. People that have been exposed to our system are amazed at how close it is to the body arts.
I don't dispute that this is true, however why can't you do this without weapons?

Also...if you train according to the martial distance for weapons...doesn't that change for different weapons as well as for hands...? And hand movement is different from weapons movement - for example bokken - because you always hold a bokken with right hand above left, but that can and should change with empty hands.

Similar. Yes. Follows the same principles. Sure. Fun. Definately. Required for good aikido...I am still not convinced.



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