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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
Does the clip on the 1st demo DVD at aikidojournal show the techinque you mention? The clip includes Sunadomari sensei on a multiple attacker segment of his demo.
I didn't answer the part about whether the clip shows "the technique", Alfonso. Sunadomari only does one technique during his whole demonstration and he describes it in those first few techniques... it's called "Aiki".

What I was laughing at was that he did one of the best demonstrations in just those first few techniques that I've ever seen in Aikido, if you add in his explanations. I wonder how many thousands have seen that performance and missed that he was telling them the true heart of Aikido? I'm sure most people were more focused on watching for techniques that looked like their personal perception of good Aikido. I wonder what people like Saotome thought? Saotome, I fairly certain, knows exactly what Sunadomari was showing, but I can't imagine Saotome ever teaching that to anyone. (Er, if anyone wants to convince me otherwise, I'm more than willing to take a look and offer apologies if I'm wrong).

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