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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
Does the clip on the 1st demo DVD at aikidojournal show the techinque you mention? The clip includes Sunadomari sensei on a multiple attacker segment of his demo.
Hi Alfonso:

Just watch a little bit from the beginning of his demo... he starts right off by telling people how it's done, but I know from experience that what he's saying and what people perceive him to be saying are two different things. At the moment uke grabs, etc., Sunadomari has their center and the direction of it already resolved by his own center. He's actually saying that, in so many words, if you listen to the translation. It's what Chen Fa Ke did with the wrestler and what Shioda did to his students who grabbed his gi. It's a high level of kokyu manipulation. Sunadomari stops his students a couple of times right at the grab (near the beginning of the demo) and says the technique is already done.... I totally agree; the rest is almost window-dressing. It looks like the start of the technique to a lot of people, but because of the "blending" of his kokyu combining with the opponent's force, everything is already resolved.

Another thing to notice is that Sunadomari actually stops his uke a number of times to show a point. Granted, Sunadomari could easily have done the technique with a non-resistive "flow", but while he's making these points and stopping Uke, you can see that his power is appreciable. My point being that being very strong with kokyu power is the way to go... not the "I don't want to develop any strength because it's against my Aikido philosophy". Normal strength is a no-no; Kokyu strength is a must.


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