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Re: Weapons training leads to good aikido.

Ian Hurst wrote:
Yes if your definition of good and complete means knowing how to use a stick properly. Like many parts of aikido training (suwari-waza, randori), weapons work is a decent tool for teaching specific aspects of distance, posture etc. However, it's not the only tool or method available.

31 count kata for instant is a good tool but is it truly a spontaneous blending of uke and Tori?.

In Awase form, uke and tori still know exactly what lies ahead.

Aikido weapons work is highly useful and beneficial to practice.

But I have met some highly skilled aikidoka who have achieved their level with little or no exposure to formal weapons training.

Yann Golanski wrote:
On a side note, many Aikidoka do not know how to use a real sword at all even if they have trained in aiki-ken or whatever. Using a sword is an art in and of itself.
I'd say I'd fall into this category. I am interested in Aikido. My weapons practice is part of that.

I have little more than a passing interest in using a real sword and see little chance of me ever carrying one around Bristol.

For a start they are generally rather expensive...I'm sure it would get nicked!


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