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Weapons training leads to good aikido.

There are different types of ryus in aikido that are unique in what type of aikido they offer hence what they specialised. From the graceful aikikai, to the kick ass riot police type Yoshinkan. From the very spiritual extention of the tao of the Tohei school, and to the hundreds more schools that completes the equation of the universal art of aikido. All schools unite and say that aikido came from the sword and the art of the samurai. Every schools unite that aikido's taijutsu came from buki waza, especially tachi waza and aiki ken.

So why is weapons training (suburis and partner practice) not a part of every aikido syllabus? How come not every aikidokas in the planet can wield a jo? How come not every aikidoka can do Osensei's sanjuichi-no-jo, when it is one of the most popular original teachings by Osensei that is forbidden to be altered by any shihan or sensei.

I guess to simplify the quesetion:

* To do good and complete aikido: does one need to know the weapons training part of it? *
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