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Re: Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

Mark, I do not make any assumptions about whether you agree or disagree with the war. I also don't dispute the use of increased technology such as UAVs. What I disputed was the implication that war was strickly machines. When we dehumanize war we lose perspective of just how horrific it can be. Whether you are for or against the U.S. action in Iraq, the fact is there is a very human face on the conflict. My morale high ground was for the individual on the ground, not the political process that put them there.

Benjamin, Thank you for the clarification. You are correct, the tools today definitely change how combat is fought. With that said, I also believe there are many levels of combat including conflicts dubbed OOTW (operations other than war) where safeguarding persons and property is in order. Police officers experience combat on a different level than soldiers and I think Jason's video series can benefit on that level.

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