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Re: Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

Gregory Makuch wrote:
Benjamin, I take offense the way you depict modern combat. Besides CNN or Fox News, what are you basing this comment on? Having been in every combat encounter the U.S. has participated in since 1991 (Somalia, Bosnia, OEF, OIF, OIF 2) I can tell you it is much more than machines; it is upclose and often very personal. The Marines fighting house to house in Fallujah would also disagree (just one example, there are many more). You should be more careful how you describe something I suspect you have very little experience actually in. There are many service members who have lost their lives to an enemy, not a machine and to suggest otherwise is disrespectful to them and those still risking their lives in harm's way.
You presume everyone is on your side. I didn't see Falujans with Battle Helicopts, Fighter Jets, Tanks or Napalm.

Feel free to correct me.

Whilst my sympathies lie with *everyone* who dies and suffers in conflict, don't be so quick to presume the moral high ground from which you take offence so easily. Feelings are strong on this subject so it's probably best for everyone to act with civility.

Enough thread drift.

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