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Re: Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

Hagen Seibert wrote:
Of course a soldier canīt do Aikido, as he does not really have the choice to deal the conflict the way he might wish.
I have to take issue with this comment also. I taught Aikido at Abu Ghuraib prison in Iraq and many of my students were MPs or Interrogators. Rules governing use of force on detainees are very strict and Aikido offers a method to immobilize or incapacitate a detainee with minimal use of force. The key word in Iraq is escalating force. You cannot use maximum force if less force is also applicable. As such, in the prison, Aikido offered soldiers an option other than deadly force.

At other times, during cordon and search missions, MPs or Infantry guys would be detaining suspected terrorists or insugents and Aikido techniques are very applicable. The capture of some individuals is worth much more than their death.

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