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Greg Jennings
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Originally posted by Jim23

Oh, I've had the aches, pains and bruises, believe me - that's not what I meant though.
Well, then, you're training hard and that's all that matters.


I've met some very good aikidoka and also some pathetic ones as well. We all have. Too many of the latter is the problem!
I've seen out of place people in every art I've ever seen. Everyone's got different goals, everyone's searching.


With regrads to inflicting unecessary pain or even causing damage (which I'm sure you didn't mean ), I've seen that in karate too. Didn't impress me there either.
Nah, I'm talking about the aches and pains from good, honest practice. Hard training.

No matter how gentle, 200 nikyo _will_ be painful. 200 koshinage will cause general "becoming one with the mat" aches.

I mention 200 because that's the number I shoot for when I lead class. I want 200 repetitions of technique per two-hour class.

200 repetitions of anything in two hours in this heat and humidity will leave you wringing wet and ready to kill for a liter of water.

50 repetitions of each of the aikiken suburi in an hour, moving slowly and deeply concentrating on form? Your traps, delts and forearms are _screaming_; you're mentally exhaused.

I just think hard training is where it's at.


Greg Jennings