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Re: Poll: How physically tired are you usually after one hour of aikido training?

When Randy and I were both fifth kyu, he got to take ukemi for sensei for an entire hour. I said afterwards, "I'm so jealous!" and he looked at me with wide eyes and sweat dripping off his hair.

"You know, when everyone else got to sit down, I got to take ukemi...."

Having now had that experience, yeah, it makes a huge difference missing those little demo breaks.

I visited one dojo where I joined and greatly enjoyed their beginner's class, then sat to watch their advanced class, and quickly came to the conclusion that it would have killed me. Not because the ukemi were too difficult, but they did them fast and absolutely relentlessly--the forward ukemi drill looked as though sensei were dribbling his uke, basketball style.

If you sweat *that* much laziness out of my body, there'd be nothing left but a limp deflated sack.

Mary Kaye
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