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Re: Tips for shomen uchi ikkyo ura? anyone?


I agree with your point that this matter should be taken to the instructor. But I think it is quite useful for a student to approach a problem they are facing in aikido by getting as much insight into the problem as they can. I think it is a very good thing for the student to go to the instructor and not only explain the problem they are having, but also bring some new ideas to the table and show what they have been working on to try to work it out for themselves - rather than just having the typical "please spoon feed me" approach to technical problems.

If you disagree with any of the suggestions, that would be valuable to us, please share them. I loved what you wrote about people pushing the arm to the right and then trying to tenkan to the left. The funny thing is that while there is no doubt that what you are saying is true (to me) I am finding more and more that I need to set up opposites like that (not to the absurd degree where I'm breaking connection). To me I'm seeing ikkyo more and more as thrusting a sword - and then cutting, it's just that what I used to think of as thrusting a sword has been changing. I have to set a direction one way with my hands, and let my body move to keep that connection (which normally start out together, and then separates, and then starts moving together again). For that matter, I have to throw a lot of form away to deal with Gleason sensei when he takes ukemi for me - but I think you have to start from somewhere.

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