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Re: Tips for shomen uchi ikkyo ura? anyone?

Jory Boling wrote:
hello senpai! i'm having trouble:

in my dojo, we practice the ura version of shomenuchi ikkyo (well, one way we practice it) with the nage first thinking about doing the omote version. as the nage starts to go to the front, the uke stops him by placing his hand on the uke's shoulder. as a result the nage steps next to the uke's lead foot, tenkans, gets offline and down goes uke! hooray!

i have problems doing the tenkan gracefully enough to just fade offline and behind them.

other than continued practice, does anyone have any tips?

p.s. i hope you can understand my description. it gets confusing after the first few ukes and nages.
Mr Boling,

Have you raised this matter with your own instructor? With all due respect to those who have replied so far, I think it is quite pointless to discuss the finer points of technique in a forum such as this. You need to be on the mat and actually practising.

Having read the replies, I can see that my own way of doing 1-kyou ura breaks most of the 'rules' expressed in this thread, yet I learned it from Yamaguchi Sensei. I would not want to explain the details, for there is too much likelihood of misunderstanding. However, I think I can safely state that I have never practised an ura technique (in kihon waza) as an omote technique that suddenly changed its focus to ura.

Hence my question. Is your relationship with your instructor such that you can ask him to come over during practice and show you why you cannot do the techique in the way he has demonstrated?

Of course, continued practice is a very good solution, but it must be enlightened practice, not the blind repetition of techniques which you think your Sensei taught, but are not quite sure.

Of course, I do not expect you to take my word. After all, you do not know me or the way I train. However, as a tip, I suggest that you do the training you have described as part of free training (randori or jiyu-waza). If you have not reached this level of proficiency, then you will need your instructor to guide you through the structure of the form.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
Hiroshima, Japan
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