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Hagen Seibert
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Re: Jason DeLucia's Combat Aikido Series

Iīd say, if one uses the term "Combat Aikido" in the sense of "doing Aikido as combat" , there would be good reason to object. If one uses the term in the sense of "Aikido applicable in a combat situation", itīs different, because it could mean to strive for the martial art seriously, and to try to make Aikido work in the most extreme and difficult situations. I presume that might have been the intention.

Of course a soldier canīt do Aikido, as he does not really have the choice to deal the conflict the way he might wish. So the term "Combat Aikido" does certainly not fit for a military context. And of course Aikido does not work for bombs.

(Just my 2c, though, Lynn and Dave, I do share your experiences, and neither envy you for it)

Actually, I saw the videos offered, and thougth: "COMBAT Aikido, that canīt be more than crap." because it looked like boasting and marketing. Interestig to hear thereīs something to it. Thanks for your post, Lynn.
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